Welcome to the Brainwave Centre for Education and Therapy.  

We are an independent centre focusing on optimal brain functioning for personal well-being.  

Our unique Bio-Psycho-Social approach, integrates strategies for the body, brain, and mind. 

At Brainwave, we innovatively combine therapeutic counselling, with neurofeedback, and education to help you reach your goals!  

Meet the moderator: Kim Calder Stegemann, Ph.D., QEEG-D, BCN, CCC 

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Why the BrainWave Academy

The BrainWave Academy offers professional development courses to help you improve your own practice.

  • Learn the basics of brain functioning so that you may better understand daunting neuroscience articles and research without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Learn key brain activities that may be contributing to the behavioural symptoms that you see in your clients, students or employees.

  • Learn how to better evaluate claims made by programs or companies regarding potential interventions used by your clients, students or employees.

  • Learn how exercise, diet and the use of technology can impact the brain function of both you and your peers.

  • Earn CE credits from the comfort of your own home or office at a pace that works for you.


  • Carina

    ** What I would like to say - it’s the most fantastic course I’ve ever taken before. I love the activities we’ve done in the classroom. The Brain Break /body breaks part really is my favourite one. The vivid classroom atmosphere really touched me a lot. Thank you again Kim!

  • CH

    *** 2 Take aways from this course (1) Children with ADHD are the kids that teachers and learning support teachers spend the most time with. I enjoyed learning about how this affects the brain - still can’t believe that this is not a funded category. As educators we are focused on finding and implementing strategies, not why this is happening in the first place. This will be so great to share with teachers who think the these students are lazy - A new understanding / tolerance and a more positive outlook. (2) This course should be a required course! I’m still doing Chizenloop (sorry-sp) in my head and will introduce this to these students with math difficulties. I take a long time to process and think about information. With the compressed nature of this course - I may fully - process by the fall! Thank you for a great course

  • Amy

    As someone who has spent a lot of time doing online classes - I can tell you - this is a course I would absolutely LOVE to have taken and will definitely refer other people to do so.